Marvel Spider-Man Metal Universe Trading Cards Box (Upper Deck 2021)

Each Box contains Three Gold FX Parallels, OneNumbered Base or High Series, Two Grandiose Parallels, and One Palladium Card!Marvel Metal Universe Spider-Man Trading Cards merges throwback inspiration with new thematic designs and technology to showcase fan favorite characters from the Marvel Spider-Man Publishing Universe! 100 Card Base Set with a 100 Card High Series featuring some of the most iconic Spider-Man characters - Parallels include Gold, Red PMG, Green PMG, Orange, Turquoise, Pink, Purple, and Grandiose!Comic Cuts! - Discover numbered Amazing Fantasy #15 Comic Cuts! - Collect numbered Autographed Comic Cuts! Returning Inserts - Platinum Portrait cards featuring character portraits formed by stippled designs! - Palladium die cut acetate cards! Z-Force Rave- Super Rave, Amazing Rave, and Gold Rave Parallels all feature limited numbering! Planet Metal!- Copper, Platinum, and Gold Planet Metal cards all feature limited numbering! Daily Bugle Headlines - Booklet designs that look like a Daily Bugle newspaper! Collect SP versions! Skyscraper Shadowbox - Search for SP and SSP versions! Rogues Gallery - Transparent thick Acrylic cards with fan-favorite Spider-Man Villains. 1-of-1 Original Art Sketch Cards! BOX HITS: 3 Gold FX Parallels 1 Numbered Base or High Series 2 Grandiose Parallels 1 Palladium Card CHASE HITS: - 1 of 1 Base or High Series Purple Parallel - Platinum Portrait Cards - Skyscraper Shadowbox SSP - Amazing Fantasy #15 Comic Cuts - Autographed Comic Cuts - Planet Metal Gold Parallel - 1 of 1 X-Force Super Rave - Original Art Sketch Cards12 Packs Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack

Product Highlights

Three Gold FX Parallels Per Box!
One Numbered Base or High Series Per Box!
Two Grandiose Parallels Per Box!
One Palladium Card Per Box!