Marvel Spider-Man Far From Home Hobby Box (Upper Deck 2019)

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Each Box contains Two Hits, including Actor Autograph Cards, One of One Original Art Sketch Cards, and Premium Insert Cards!Look for One Insert Card Per Pack!Spider-Man swings back into town in Marvel's Spider-Man Far From Home Trading Card Set, complete with the return of Tom Holland autograph cards! Recapture Peter's epic European adventure with his Midtown High classmates in tow! LOOK FOR ORIGINAL ART SKETCH CARDS!PRODUCT BREAKDOWN:INSERTS:Behind the Lens: A behind the scenes peek of production for this thrilling box-office hit!Travel Passports: Inspired by travel docs used for their amazing European trip - this insert zeroes in on key characters from the film.Greetings from Abroad: Collect all the postcards Peter sent to May throughout his explosive journey.Primary Elements: This set concentrates on the villains in the film, such as the elemental creatures and their lead orchestrator, Mysterio. PREMIUM INSERTS: Obsidian Diamond Cards: Cards with subtle Black Dahlia flower design embedded with manufactured diamonds!Look for Actor Autographed versions!Road Trip Cards: Find SP and SSP Versions!Mysterio Plexiglass Cards: Search for SP and SSP Versions!12 Boxes Per Case, 15 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack

Product Highlights

Two Hits Per Box!
Look for One Insert Card Per Pack!