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2018 Panini Immaculate Football Hobby Box

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Each Box contains Five Autographs or Memorabilia Cards, Plus One Base or Parallel Card! New! All on-card autographs are on acetate! Pull on-card signed memorabilia cards with Rookie Patch Autographs, Immaculate Signature Patches, Premium Patches Autographs, Immaculate Players Collection Autographs and more! Look for more full-sized memorabilia cards that feature swatches from Team Logos, Jersey Numbers, Laundry Tags, and the all new Immaculate Shields insert! Look for new on-card signed inserts, including Immaculate HOF Signatures, Immaculate Careers, and Immaculate Records. New for 2018 are Immaculate Eye Black Jersey cards! Featuring retired, veteran and rookie players, these cards contain signed eye-black pieces and a jersey patch. Look for the gold-ink parallel, numbered as low as one! Also, look for more than 50 percent more one-of-ones! Look for Rookie Cards of Saquon Barkley, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Ronald Jones, Calvin Ridley, Courtland Sutton, Derrius Guice, Christian Kirk, Mason Rudolph, and Dante Pettis! PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: BASE: 100-card base set (#'d/99) with Gold (#'d/5) and Platinum (#'d/1) parallels. IMMACULATE TRIOS AUTOGRAPHS: Look for on-card signed Immaculate Duals and Trios Autographs sets, which match up the NFL's best! Max #'d/10. IMMACULATE RECORDS : Find these on-card autographs #'d/25 or less: Immaculate Ring Signatures, Immaculate Moments Autographs, Immaculate Seasons Signatures, Immaculate Post Seasons Signatures and Immaculate Honors. ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPHS GOLD: Find on-card signed Autograph Patches! Also, chase the Laundry Tag and NFL Shield versions! - Rookie Patch Autographs - max #'d/99 - Rookie Patch Autographs Gold - max #'d/25 - Rookie Patch Autographs Platinum Tag - one-of-one - Rookie Patch Autographs NFL Shield - one-of-one PREMIUM PATCH AUTOGRAPHS GOLD: Find on-card signed Patches! Chase the rare NFL Shield variations! - Premium Patch Autographs - max #'d/99 - Premium Patch Autographs Gold - Max #'d/10 - Premium Patch Autographs Platinum - one-of-one - Premium Patch NFL Shield Autographs - one-of-one IMMACULATE ROOKIE EYE BLACK LAUNDRY TAG NFL SHIELD: Sequentially #'d/99 or less, this NEW insert features signed eye-black pieces from top draft picks plus current and retired NFL stars! - Immaculate Rookie Eye Black Jersey - max #'d/99 - Immaculate Rookie Eye Black Gold - max #d/7 - Immaculate Rookie Eye Black Laundry Tag Nike - one-of-one - Immaculate Rookie Eye Black Laundry Tag NFL Shield - one-of-one - Immaculate Rookie Eye Black Laundry Tag Players - one-of-one IMMACULATE HOF JERSEYS: New for 2018! Immaculate HOF Jerseys features memorabilia worn by Canton's finest! - Immaculate HOF Jerseys - max #'d/49 - Immaculate HOF Jerseys Prime - max #'d/25 - Immaculate HOF Jerseys Platinum - one-of-one IMMACULATE DUAL NFL SHIELDS: Find 60 unbelievable pairings flanked by full-size NFL Shields, all numbered one-of-one!! Look for pairings like: Odell Beckham Jr./Saquon Barkley, Larry Fitzgerald/Josh Rosen, Von Miller/Bradley Chubb, Cam Newton/D.J. Moore, Joe Montana/Jimmy Garoppolo, Russell Wilson/Rashaad Penny, T.J. Watt/J.J. Watt and many more! IMMACULATE CAREERS: Celebrating great careers, this on-card autograph set is all #'d/25 or less! 6 Boxes Per Case, 1 Pack Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack Product Highlights - Five Autographs or Memorabilia Cards Per Box! - All On-Card Autographs are on Acetate! - One Base or Parallel Card Per Box! - Collect Dual NFL Shields! - Find Rookie Patch Autographs Gold! Key Rookies - Baker Mayfield - Lamar Jackson - Saquon Barkley - Josh Allen - Sam Darnold