Star Wars Hobby Box

Keep the force with you wherever you go with Star Wars card boxes, and relive your favorite moments from the franchise. Whether you miss the simplicity of A New Hope, or you’re an unabashed fan of The Last Jedi, there’s something here for everyone. Jump in today and get free shipping on orders over $200 with Skybox Collectibles.

Enter a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Revisit iconic characters and scenes from every era since 1977. From Boba Fett’s heroics in the original trilogy to Rey’s incredible journey in the sequels, these cards cover the best Star Wars has to offer. Dive in with themed sets for The Mandalorian and Andor, or keep it vintage with a classic Star Wars hobby box from Topps.

a Chrome Star Wars hobby box
a Disney100 Star Wars hobby box

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Welcome! Star Wars cards can be easier to collect than other TCGs, as there are many entry points to pick from. For example, fans of the hit show The Mandalorian can kick off their collection with boxes that feature characters like Grogu and Din Djarin. Fans of the original trilogy can go with a classic set instead.

Generally, vintage cards (pre-1990s) tend to be more valuable, especially those with limited print runs or printing errors. Additionally, certain Star Wars card boxes can include rare relic cards featuring autographs from franchise favorites, driving their value up significantly. Ultimately, Star Wars card values can fluctuate depending on market conditions and the release of new content, similar to Marvel trading cards.

Relic cards are a special type of card that includes a tiny piece of memorabilia from a Star Wars production. This could be a piece of a costume used in filming, a miniature replica of a spaceship model, or even a small scrap of material used in set construction. These can be found in certain Star Wars hobby boxes.