Star Wars Masterwork Hobby Box (Topps 2018)

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Each Master Box contains Two Autpgraphs!One Hit Per Mini-Box! Four Mini-Boxes Per Master Box!The high-end collector card set you know and love has returned with new characters and new hits! Featuring:- 100 premium 72pt base cards- New short prints to chase- Wood, foil, canvas and metal insert cards- New autograph signers- Autograph book cards- New relic cardsPRODUCT BREAKDOWN: BASE CARDS & INSERTS: 100 premium 72pt base cards featuring the most notable creatures, characters, and Droids from across the entire Star Wars saga!Parallels:- Blue - 1 per pack- Green - #'d to 99- Purple - #'d to 50- Orange - #'d to 10- Black - #'d to 5 NEW- Gold - #'d 1 of 1- Printing Plates - #'d 1 of 1 25 Short Print Character Cards to Chase!3 New Insert Sets To Collect:- History of the Jedi- Super Weapons- Powerful PartnersInsert Parallels:- Rainbow Foil - #'d to 299- Canvas - #'d to 25- Wood - #'d to 10- Metal - #'d to 5- Gold Metal - #'d 1 of 1- Printing Plates - #'d 1 of 1AUTOGRAPHS: Look for autographs from over 40 actors from across the saga, including the prequels, the classic saga, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Wars: Rogue One, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi! Autograph Parallels:- Blue Foil - #'d to 99 NEW- Rainbow Foil - #'d to 50- Canvas - #'d to 25- Wood - #'d to 10- Silver Framed - #'d to 5- Gold Framed - #'d 1 of 1- Printing Plates - #'d 1 of 1Dual Autograph Cards & Triple Autograph Cards:3 New Parallel to Collect:- Canvas - #'d to 25 NEW- Wood - #'d to 10 NEW- Black - #'d to 5- Gold - #'d 1 of 1Look for autographed pen relic cards featuring the pen used by the actor while signing, embedded into the card!OTHER HITS:Topps Star Wars Masterwork features 1 hit per mini box! Along with autographs, hits include:- Quad Autograph Book Cards- Heroes Autograph Book Cards and Villains Autograph Book Cards NEW- Sketch Cards- Sketch Card Books- Stamp Cards- Commemorative Plastic Patch Cards with parallels to chase NEW- Autographed Commemorative Patch Cards with parallels to chase NEW4 Mini Boxes Per Master Box, 5 Cards Per Mini Box

Product Highlights

Two Autpgraphs Per Master Box!
Four Total Hits Per Master Box!
Find Commemorative Patch Cards!
Look for Quad Autograph Book Cards!
Collect Stamp Cards!