Pokemon Pre-Orders

It’s time to skip the line for the new Pokemon box with Skybox Collectibles! We’re excited to give you access to the newest Pokemon card packs, whether you’re hunting down a shiny Pokemon ex card or just beefing up your technical machine (TM) collection. Pre-order your Pokemon cards the right way with Skybox Collectibles!

Catch ‘em All!

Worried about grabbing that new upcoming blister set before it sells out? We’ve been there. Grab the latest Pokemon battle boxes and trainer sets without the hassle of queues and waiting lists with Skybox Collectibles – it’s as easy as tossing a Master Ball.

Our latest Pokemon pre-orders include the Paradox Rift set, an enchanting journey into Area Zero. Brave the daunting chasms with the all-new Ancient and Future Pokemon, with old friends returning in their dazzling ex forms. Lucky enough to pull a Mewtwo ex? Let’s find out!

set of pokemon pre-order paradox rift cards
a new pokemon trainer box for paradox rift

Adventure Awaits at Skybox Collectibles

Skybox Collectibles was created by fans just like you. Our passion for Pokemon fuels everything we do – from our lightning-fast shipping to an exciting rewards program for the most dedicated collectors. See it for yourself at our trading card store in Norwalk, CT. We’ve got everything from Magic The Gathering cards to Star Wars—you’ll be in good company.

Whether it’s a new Pokemon box or any of our other upcoming TCG drops, you can be sure our passionate community is already talking about it. Join in on the conversation online, or drop by our offline store and say hello! We regularly host fun events for fans like Trading Card Game Tournaments and Trade Nights that no collector would want to miss.


Yes! The most enthusiastic collectors are always looking to get ahead of the pack and beef up their collection by ordering early. Pre-ordering gives you a chance to grab the best cards before they hit the costly second-hand market. Skybox Collectibles also sells single cards (in-store only) if you have something specific in mind.

If you find yourself with a valuable card or you just want to offload your collection, we’ve got your back. Our buy-back program rivals competitive market rates. You can sell your cards and receive 60% of the value in store credit or 50% in a cash payout. (This is currently an in-store-only program right now.)

Once you’re done pre-ordering a Pokemon pack, you’ll want to secure a couple of high-quality card protectors to keep them in mint condition. PSA gradings can be affected by the slightest imperfections, and the payoff is usually more than worth it.