New Pokemon Booster Boxes

If you would like to add Pokemon collectibles to your card collection while also putting yourself in the perfect position to pull rare Pokemon cards, consider purchasing a new Pokemon booster box from Skybox Collectibles. Whether you’re interested in investing in an existing Pokemon hobby box or pre-ordering the hottest TCGs that are set to be released, we’ve got you covered! Check out our Pokemon booster boxes at competitive prices, and get free shipping on orders over $200!

Why Buy a Pokemon Booster Box?

When you purchase a new Pokemon booster box from Skybox Collectibles, you’ll be able to beef up your current Pokemon card collection quicker and become a better Pokemon TCG player. At the same time, you’ll also get access to more Pokemon cards at better prices when you buy booster boxes versus individual packs. Peruse our selection to catch rare and exclusive Pokemon cards today!

New Pokemon Booster Box
Pokemon: Sword and Shield - Silver Tempest Booster Box

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At Skybox Collectibles, we carry a large inventory of Pokemon booster boxes at competitive prices, both in our brick-and-mortar trading card store in Norwalk, CT and on our website. Whether you would like to stop by our Pokemon card store to see what we have in stock and ask questions from Pokemon masters, or place an order online and take advantage of our fast shipping turnarounds, we can help you get your hands on the Pokemon hobby boxes you’re looking for. We can also provide you with the chance to put your Pokemon skills to the test by inviting you to take part in TCG tournaments right in our store with your fellow Pokemon players. Come visit us today or pre-order Pokemon cards at the lowest price around!


A Pokemon booster box is a box that contains multiple packs of Pokemon trading cards. Most Pokemon booster boxes will contain 36 sealed packs with 10 cards inside each pack. Each pack will contain randomly inserted Pokemon cards from a specific Pokemon set. This allows Pokemon players and collectors to add to their Pokemon TCG collections and potentially incorporate hard-to-find Pokemon cards.

When you decide to invest in a new Pokemon booster box, you should always think about which types of Pokemon cards you would like to find in it. There have been around 100 Pokemon sets and expansions released since the Pokemon TCG was created in the 1990s. The Pokemon booster set you buy should make it possible for you to continue to add to the Pokemon cards you play with, build a deck, and fit into your overall strategy. Or if you’re a Pokemon collector, you should stay up-to-date on which booster boxes could potentially offer the most valuable Pokemon cards so that you’re able to put yourself in a position to pull them from the packs.

Yes! You’ll be able to get a better deal on Pokemon cards when you purchase a new Pokemon booster box rather than buying Pokemon blister packs or individual Pokemon cards. You’ll also give yourself an opportunity to secure rare Pokemon cards that might normally cost more to purchase than an entire Pokemon booster box. Pokemon booster boxes will be worth it for both Pokemon players and collectors alike.