Pokemon ETB 

In October of 1996, everyone was excited for Halloween, planning their costumes and candy for an exciting night of fun and scares. But the world was taken by storm with the release of The Pokemon Trading Card Game in Japan, and it wasn’t long before the hit series made its way across the ocean to the United States. It was even quicker for the television series to crop up, and the rest is history. Skybox Collectibles is excited to be a major part of that history in Connecticut by providing the hottest Pokemon Elite Trainer Box packs, trainer boxes, and Pokemon collectibles from the long-running monster-collecting franchise. Everything you need, from the hit Pokemon cards Elite Trainer Box to new Pokemon ETB releases, we have stocked in our store shelves and online shop. Check it out!

Hot, New Pokemon ETB Releases

When it comes to the hottest new releases in the world of Pokemon, Skybox Collectibles stocks the best Elite Trainer Boxes, including the latest drops and Pokemon pre-orders. For avid collectors or newcomers to the monster-collecting card game, our trading card store in Connecticut aims to provide a safe haven with fully-stocked shelves, including new releases and rare cards at competitive prices.

a shiny Pokemon trading card
Pokemon Trading Card Game Charizard Card

Experience the Magic at Skybox Collectibles

Whether you prefer an in-person shopping experience or online, Skybox Collectibles offers both to suit the needs of the growing trading card game community. We stock the latest in new Pokemon ETB packs and boosters, all from the latest game and show releases in the industry.

Expect to pay competitive prices for high-quality cards and booster boxes with Skybox Collectibles. As collectors and fans ourselves, we pride ourselves on offering a broad selection of fan-favorites. Lock in your prices now!


Pokemon cards have rarity symbols near the card number. These symbols range from a circle (common), diamond (uncommon), and star (rare) with an “H” for holo rare cards. The rarity helps determine the card’s value and condition when buying and selling Pokemon cards.

We do buy Pokemon ETB cards, though policies vary. We likely will not buy an entire collection but do purchase rare and pristine condition cards regularly from customers. When we buy cards, we pay 50% of the value of the card in cash payout or 60% of the card value in store credit, but this process takes place in-store only for right now.

Absolutely! At Skybox Collectibles, we regularly hold trading card game tournaments of the hottest games and releases, including Pokemon. If you have a deck of Pokemon cards from Elite Trainer Box releases, then you’re in luck because you’re likely already set for a battle!