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2018 Panini Phoenix Football Hobby Box

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Each Box contains Two Autographs, One Memorabilia Card, 12 Rookies, 12 Parallels, and Nine Inserts! Phoenix rises to the hobby scene once again for the 2018 NFL season! Find one of the hottest brands back on shelves with 2 autos and 1 mem per box on average! Chase the biggest autographs of the 2018 NFL Rookie Class in three auto/mem inserts: RPS Rookie Auto Jersey, RPS Rookie Jumbo Autos, and Rising Rookie Material Signatures! Find spectacular prime versions of these cards and special versions of Rising Rookie that feature pieces of gloves, helmet, and NFL footballs! Be on the hunt for special Color Burst hot packs! These packs fall one per box on average and contain vivid variations of base, rookie cards and inserts! Find jumbo pieces of authentic NFL memorabilia in RPS Memorabilia, Jumbo Memorabilia and Veteran Materials! These inserts feature some of the top players in the NFL and contain parallels as rare as Super Prime 1/1! Look out for special 1/1 NFL Shield parallels of RPS Rookie Auto Jersey, Jumbo Auto Swatch and Rising Rookie Material autograph cards! Look for Rookie Cards of Saquon Barkley, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Ronald Jones, Calvin Ridley, Courtland Sutton, Derrius Guice, Christian Kirk, Mason Rudolph, and Dante Pettis! PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: BASE: 2018 Phoenix Football features a 100-card base set that features veterans from all 32 NFL teams. Look for the following sequentially numbered parallel versions: - Red #'d/299 - Pink #'d/199 - Purple #'d/149 - Orange #'d/99 - Yellow #'d/75 - Green #'d/25 - Black #'d/10 - Blue #'d/1 Be on the lookout for the ultra-rare Printing Plate 1/1s that feature the actual plates used to make the cards! ROOKIES: Rookies features 100 players making their debut in the NFL this season. Look for the following sequentially numbered parallel versions: - Red #'d/299 - Pink #'d/199 - Purple #'d/149 - Orange #'d/99 - Yellow #'d/75 - Green #'d/25 - Black #'d/10 - Blue #'d/1 - Printing Plates #'d/1 (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black) COLOR BURST PARALLELS: Find one pack per box, on average, that is loaded with Color Burst parallels! Look for Color Burst versions of the following cards in Phoenix: - Base (1:6 packs) - Rookies (1:6 packs) - QB Vision (1:40 packs) - Unmatched (1:40 packs) - Adrenaline Rush (1:60 packs) - Agility (1:120 packs) - Most Valuable (1:120 packs) RPS ROOKIE AUTO JERSEY: Score autographed memorabilia cards of some of the biggest names in the 2018 NFL rookie class. On average, each box of Phoenix delivers at least one rookie autographed memorabilia card. Be on the hunt for the following versions of RPS Rookie Auto Jersey: - Base #'d/299 or less - Orange #'d/149 or less - Yellow #'d/75 or less - Green #'d/25 or less - Laundry Tag #'d/1 - Brand Logo #'d/1 - NFL Shield #'d/1 - Blue Super Prime #'d/1 RPS ROOKIE JUMBO AUTO SWATCH GREEN PRIME: Snag a super-sized signature swatch of 40 of the top rookies! These stunners are all loaded with big swatches of memorabilia and authentic autographs. Look for the following versions: - Base #'d/149 or less - Orange #'d/99 or less - Yellow #'d/75 or less - Green #'d/25 or less - Laundry Tag #'d/1 - Brand Logo #'d/1 - NFL Shield #'d/1 - Blue Super Prime #'d/1 RISING ROOKIE MATERIAL SIGNATURE HELMET LOGO: Rising Rookie Material Signature features 20 players with special swatches of material such as footballs, gloves and helmets! All versions of Rising Rookie Material Signature are sequentially numbered to 299 or less, and feature the special 1/1 versions: Nike Swoosh, Vapor Jet, NFL Shield, Team Logo. RPS JUMBO MEMORABILIA PRIME GREEN: On average, find one memorabilia card per box of Phoenix Football, such as the RPS Jumbo Memorabilia insert! Look for gigantic swatches of the top NFL rookies, which includes the following versions: Base #'d/199 or less, Purple #'d/75 or less, Prime Yellow #'d/25 or less, Prime Green #'d/10 or less, Super Prime Blue #'d 1/1. TRIPLE PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Be on the lookout for trios of swatch signatures in Triple Patch Autographs! VETERAN MATERIALS PRIME YELLOW: Find 20 players in Veteran Materials, a memorabilia insert that features some of the biggest superstars in the league! Look for the following variations of Veteran Materials: - Base #'d/199 or less - Purple #'d/75 or less - Prime Yellow #'d/25 or less - Prime Green #'d/10 or less - Super Prime Blue #'d 1/1 12 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack Product Highlights - Two Autographs Per Box! - One Memorabilia Card Per Box! - 12 Rookies Per Box! - 12 Parallels Per Box! - Mayfield, Darnold, Allen, Barkley, Jackson RC's! Key Rookies - Josh Allen - Lamar Jackson - Baker Mayfield - Sam Darnold - Saquon Barkley - Nick Chubb - Calvin Ridley