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2021/22 Panini Eminence Basketball Hobby Case

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Each Box contains Nine Autographs and One additional Card! Every card in Eminence is numbered to 10 or less and displayed in a magnetic, one-touch holder, where all cards are either signed on-card, feature diamonds, precious metal, or a cut signature from iconic figures! Eminence comes loaded with prestigous autographs from the games past and present that include the likes of Trevor Lawrence, Mac Jones, Justin Fields, Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Emmitt Smith, and many more! Precious metals are prominent and beaming with luxury throughout 2021 Eminence Football. Find one-ounce silver, gold, and platinum bars, many featuring autographs from the games all-time greats, and current stars! Featuring all the frills, it wouldn't be high end without diamonds. Find on-card autographs featuring glorious stones, and one-of-one NFL Shield jersey cards featuring four diamonds! Celebrate football's ultimate achievements, with on-card autographs that showcase individual's MVP Awards, All-Pro honors, Super Bowl victories and Pro Bowl appearances! PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: BASE AUTOGRAPHS: Chase an on-card autographed base set that features some of the biggest names that the NFL has to offer such as Kyler Murray, Derrick Henry, Justin Herbert, Aaron Rodgers, Randy Moss, Ray Lewis as well as many others! Base Autographs max #'d /10 Base Autographs Gold max #'d /5 Base Autographs Green max #'d /3 Base Autographs Platinum #'d 1/1 ROOKIE AUTOGRAPHS PLATINUM BAR: Look for these rare 1-of-1 platinum embedded cards that feature an on-card autograph from some of the top rookies from this 2021 freshman class. SUPER BOWL ROYALTY SIGNATURES: Celebrate the greatest to ever grace the field in football's biggest game in Super Bowl Royalty Signatures, which features an on-card autograph along side an embedded silver, gold or platinum bar that is stamped with a specific Super Bowl logo! Super Bowl Royalty Signatures Silver Bar max #'d /10 Super Bowl Royalty Signatures Gold Bar #'d /2 Super Bowl Royalty Signatures Platinum Bar #'d 1/1 SUPER BOWL MVP DIAMOND SIGNATURES: Be on the hunt for Super Bowl MVP Diamond Signatures, which features a diamond embedded into the card as well as an on-card autograph from past award winners such as John Elway, Emmitt Smith, Terry Bradshaw, Jerry Rice, Aaron Rodgers and many more! Super Bowl MVP Diamond Signatures max #'d /10 Super Bowl MVP Diamond Signatures Gold max #'d /5 Super Bowl MVP Diamond Signatures Green max #'d /3 Super Bowl MVP Diamond Signatures Platinum #'d 1/1 NFL SHIELD DIAMONDS SIGNATURES: Another rare 1-of-1 hit, be on the look out for NFL Shield Diamonds Signatures, which features an on-card autograph, a NFL Shield swatch and four diamonds! JUMBO PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Hunt for oversized swatches in Jumbo Patch Autographs that feature an on-card autograph, numbered to 10 or less! Jumbo Patch Autographs max #'d /10 Jumbo Patch Autographs Gold max #'d /5 Jumbo Patch Autographs Green max #'d /3 Jumbo Patch Autographs Platinum #'d 1/1 NFL SHIELD AUTOGRAPHS: Look for an embedded bar and an on-card autograph in NFL Shield Autographs Silver, Gold or Platinum Bar from some of the NFL's biggest stars such as Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, Randy Moss, Troy Polamalu and many more! NFL Shield Autographs Silver Bar max #'d /10 NFL Shield Autographs Gold Bar #'d /2 NFL Shield Autographs Platinum Bar #'d 1/1 SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS DUAL AUTOGRAPHS: Celebrate some of the best duos to ever win a Super Bowl together with two on-card autographs in Super Bowl Champion Dual Signatures! Super Bowl Champion Dual Autographs max #'d /10 Super Bowl Champion Dual Autographs Platinum #'d 1/1 SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS: Be on the lookout for an embedded bar in Super Bowl Champions Silver, Gold or Platinum Bar that highlights NFL champions such as Tom Brady, Walter Payton, Joe Montana, Brett Favre and many more! Super Bowl Champions Silver Bar max #'d /10 Super Bowl Champions Gold Bar #'d /2 Super Bowl Champions Platinum Bar #'d 1/1 1 Box Per Case, 1 Pack Per Box, 10 Cards Per Pack Product Highlights - Nine Autographs Per Case! - Look for Rookie Autographs Platinum Bar! - Collect NFL Shield Diamond Signatures! - Find Jumbo Patch Autographs! - Look for Super Bowl Champions Dual Autos! Key Rookies - Trevor Lawrence - Ja'Marr Chase - Jaylen Waddle - Najee Harris - Travis Etienne Jr. - Justin Fields - Trey Lance - Zach Wilson - Mac Jones Key Players - Devonta Smith - Aaron Rodgers - Ray Lewis - Derrick Henry - Tyreek Hill - Justin Herbert - Dak Prescott