Pokemon Collection Boxes

Catching 'em all is much easier when you have a collection box. These premium Pokemon collections contain everything you need for your deck, whether you’re just shopping for your starter cards or hunting down a few rare singles to round off the collection. Packed with hundreds of cards and pre-built decks, these Pokemon collectibles assemble some of the best cards from every generation. Shop collection boxes with Skybox Collectibles, and enjoy fast & free shipping on orders over $200.

The Ultimate Collector’s Chest

There’s something for everyone here. For old-school fans, the classic box includes a whopping three decks of 60 cards each, including vintage favorites like Charizard and Blastoise. This box also includes new additions like Lugia and Suicune.

If your deck already includes those original Pokemon, you can always upgrade it with new-gen Pokemon collection boxes. The Sword and Shield Bundle Boxes are perfect for players who want to take their duels to the next level, with over 190 new cards that include Radiant Pokemon and VSTAR cards.

a Pokemon Iono collection box
a Pokemon Armarouge collection box

Your Destination for Everything Pokemon

At Skybox Collectibles, we’re proud to carry trading card games worthy of your deck. From dependable, new Pokemon booster boxes to all-encompassing collection boxes, we’ve got your dueling needs covered. If you're looking for a specific card, we recommend visiting our trading card store in Norwalk, CT. Visitors can browse our in-store assortment of rare single cards and autographed memorabilia to build a truly exclusive collection.


Despite their similar names, these products are markedly different. Pokemon booster boxes include only booster packs, offering a lower cost per pack than buying individual packs. Booster boxes are geared towards collectors who already have a deck and want to pull rarer cards for it.

Collection boxes include a significantly higher number of cards than booster boxes and come with pre-built decks. Players who buy collection boxes can play right away with their pre-built decks. These boxes also include unique promotional cards and accessories that can’t be found with booster packs.

Waiting to purchase new collection boxes on release day can be risky business. It’s possible that your local store might run out of stock or run into delays on launch day. Instead, we recommend pre-ordering Pokemon collection boxes to ensure your deck is battle-ready when the day comes. 

Collection boxes include hundreds of cards, so you’ll want to make sure you have enough card sleeves lying around as you pull new Pokemon cards. Card sleeves protect your valuable and rare cards from dust, debris, and other forms of damage, helping them retain their value for years.