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2024 Topps Series 2 Baseball Hobby Box

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Series 2 adds another 350 cards to the 2024 topps set. This time, collectors will find star players not in Series 1 and others in new uniforms. It adds more breadth and has rookies as well, although it’s not yet known whether early-season debuts will be in the base set. Other subsets include more Future Stars and League Leaders. Parallels include: Aqua – 1 per Fanatics box pack (Fanatics boxes only) Gold Foil – 1:2 jumbo packs (jumbo only) Yellow – 2 per hanger box (hanger boxes only) Rainbow Foil – 1:10 packs Royal Blue – 1:10 retail packs (retail only) Team Color True Photo Yellow Foil – 1:10 hanger boxes (hanger boxes only) Gold – /2024 Blue Foil – /999 Purple Foil – /799 Green Foil – /499 Aqua Foil – /399 Orange Foil – /299 Red Foil – /199 Vintage Stock – /99 Independence Day – /76 Black – /73 (hobby and jumbo only) Father’s Day Powder Blue – /50 Mother’s Day Hot Pink – /50 Yellow Crackle – /50 (hanger boxes only) Memorial Day Camo – /25 Clear – /10 Platinum – 1/1 Printing Plates – 1/1 Blasters are back with a handful of summer-themed parallels that combine to land three per box. Among these are: Hot Dogs – 1:21 blaster packs Statue of Liberty – 1:56 blaster packs Beach Umbrella – /50 Sun – /10 Fireworks – /5 Waves – 1/1 Golden Mirror Image Variations continue as well. These give all 350 base cards SSP versions with different photos on the front. Inserts are where collectors will find the biggest mix of new and continuing content. 1989 Topps Baseball is joined by a similar but separate 1989 Topps Baseball All-Stars set. Both have similar Blue, Black (/299), Gold (/50), Red (/10) and Platinum (1/1) parallel lineups. Also returning are Significant Statistics and some of 2024 Topps Baseball’s tougher inserts: Homefield Advantage, Legendary Home Field Advantage and Heavy Lumber, which are done on wood material and limited to 500 copies each. Social Media Follow Backs Redemptions, hobby-only sketch cards and Platinum Performers are among the other rarities on the 2024 Topps Series 2 Baseball checklist. Around the Horn, City to City, Covering the Field and Fantasy Favorites all make their debut. Celebrities return to Topps Baseball with First Pitch/Play Ball. Similar inserts appeared in 2016 and 2017 flagship sets. Each of these has Blue, Black (/299), Gold (/50), Red (/10) and Platinum (1/1) versions as well. 40/70, which commemorates Ronald Acuña Jr’s historic 2023 campaign, is exclusive to hobby packs. The only parallels for these short prints are Gold (/50), Red (/10) and Platinum (1/1). 2023 Silver Slugger Award Winners represent the manufactured relics in the product. Black (/299), Gold (/75), Red (/10) and Platinum (1/1) parallels are also included. Some have autographs as well numbered to 25 or fewer. Major League Materials continues to take an all-encompassing approach to memorabilia and players. City Connect Swatch Collection has pieces taken from game-used City Connect uniforms while Rounding the Bases Relics are another retail-exclusive. In the Name Relics take full letters from the backs of jerseys. These are only in hobby and jumbo packs.

"Rookies to look for:

Yoshinobu Yamamoto
Shoto Imanaga
Pete-Crow Armstrong
Junior Caminero
Elly De La Cruz
More Rookies to come…

Chase Cards to look for:

Golden Mirror Image Variations
Homefield Advantage
Legendary Home Field Advantage

12 cards per pack.
20 packs per box.
Look for 1 autograph or relic card per box on average.
1 Silver Pack