2021 Leaf Art Of Sport Hobby Box

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Each Box contains Two Autographs and Two Memorabilia Cards!Leaf Trading Cards is excited to announce a new addition to our loaded Multi Sport Product Portfolio with 2021 Leaf Art Of Sport!PRODUCT BREAKDOWN:Base Auto: Signed original artwork done in amazing detail capturing the essence of the athlete! Featuring sports greatest stars and legends such as: Cristano Ronaldo, Pele, Ichiro, Mike Tyson, and Brett Favre! Stroke of Genius: An autographed memorabilia card focusing on some of baseball's sweetest strokes! Such as Shohei Otani, Don Mattingly, and Ken Griffey Jr.!Paint the Corners: An autographed memorabilia card featuring baseball's greatest artist on the bump! Such as Roger Clemons, Nolan Ryan, and Greg Maddux!Imagestic: An autographed piece of art featuring some of sports most majestic athletes! Such as Hulk Hogan, Collin Morikawa, and John Elway!Iconography: Dual Player signature card featuring some of the most artistic combos in sports history! Such as Hulk Hogan/Sylvester Stallone and Cristiano Ronaldo/Pele!Visual Art: An autographed memorabilia card with spectacular artistic imagery! Featuring Giannis, Neymar, Bird, and Pele!Art of Champion: Amazing artwork featuring champions of sports! Such as Stephen Curry, Manny Pacquiao, and Albert Pujols!Enshrined Exhibits: Single plate memorabilia card with 5 game used relics! Superstars only. Kobe Bryant, Babe Ruth, Kylian Mbappe, and Ted Williams!Museum of Materials: Jumbo memorabilia card featuring some of the worlds greatest sports stars. Such as Mickey Mantle, Kylian Mbappe, and Tim Ducan! Paint by the Numbers: Single Players memorabilia cards focusing on stats! Featuring Walter Payton, Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente, and Dan Marino!Objet d'Art: A single player dual memorabilia card featuring sports world works of art such as Lionel Messi, Shaq, and Fernando Tatis Jr.Retired Remnants: A dual player memorabilia card featuring legends with retired numbers! Such as Erving/Kidd, Bryant/Shaq, and Clemente/Stargel The Rule of 3: A triple signed card featuring a triumaritive of sports legends such as Bradshaw/Staubach/Tarkenton 8 Wonders of the world: 8 Player memorabilia card featuring 8 wondrous athletesArtis Opus: A single player monster jumbo memorabilia piece all 1 of 1!4 Cards Per Box

Product Highlights

Two Autographs Per Box!
Two Memorabilia Cards Per Box!