2021 Leaf Pro Set Sports Hobby Box

Each Box contains Two Autograph Cards! Featuring the Pro Set card designs of 1989 to 1991! Look for an amazing signature roster of sports legends and icons featured on the iconic 1989 Pro Set design! Also featured are some of The Beautiful Games greatest players on the 1990-91 Pro Set Soccer design! Look for the teased, but never released 1991 Pro Set Basketball design featuring some of the greatest hardcourt heroes in basketball history!! PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: Superstar Pro Set 1989 Base Autos: Hideki Matsuyama, Dan Marino, Mike Tyson, Stephen Curry, Peyton Manning, Albert Pujols and More!! Look for photo or nickname variations! Action Ink: A gloriously immaculate horizontal design that features a spectrum of sports legends such as: Bryson Dechambeau, Barry Sanders, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Joe Montana, Ken Griffey Jr. and more! Pro Set Portraits: Sports and art collide in this beautiful display of artwork featuring Artful Sports Legends such as: Drew Brees, Magic Johnson and Stephen Curry! Pro Set Basketball: Hoop Heroes featured on the never released 1991 Pro Set Basketball design! Kevin Garnett, Jerry West, Larry Bird and Shaquille O'Neal! Pro Set Soccer: Soccer Legends featured on the 1990-91 Pro Set Soccer Design: Pele, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Kevin De Bruyne! Pro Set Champions: Dual signed card featuring Champions of Sport! Joe Montana/Ronnie Lott, Mike Ditka/Jim McMahon, Mike Tyson/Tyson Fury, Greg Maddux/Chipper Jones! Pro Set Triple Threat: Triple Signed glory! Marcus Allen/Bo Jackson/Tim Brown, Bryson DeChambeau/Hideki Matsuyama/Abraham Ancer, and more! The Power of 4: Superstar Signatures times 4! Joe Montana/Dan Marino/Brett Favre/Peyton Manning and Stephen Curry/Bryson DeChambeau/Fernando Tatis Jr./Kevin De Bruyne Countersigns: Dual Signs of Destiny!: Ichiro/Hideki Matsuyama, Stephen Curry/Tim Hardaway, Joe Montana/Steve Young, Ichiro/Albert Pujols and more! 1 Pack Per Box, 2 Cards Per Pack Product Highlights - Two Autograph Cards Per Box! - Featuring the Pro Set card designs!