2022 Leaf Metal Pop Century Hobby Box

Each Box contains Four Hits!

Leaf is excited to announce the return of the Hobby's most beloved celebrity driven product, 2022 Leaf Metal Pop Century! Once again, this release brings the widest selection of stars from all areas of Pop Culture.

Look for:

Autograph cards
4 different foil levels with multiple color parallels of each including Tiger Stripes, Zebra Stripes, Snake Skin and the Elusive Gold Super Prismatic!
Multi-Signed Autograph Card
Autographed Worn Memorabilia Cards
Pop Cenutry Cut Signature Cards
Live in Concert Cards featuring actual concert tickets from a wide assortment of Legendary Artists and Bands (Leaf will be offering a massive bounty for anyone who can build this daunting set!!)
Star Studded Swatches Memorabilia Cards

Configuration: 4 cards per box

Product Highlights

Four Hits Per Box!