Magic the Gathering: Strixhaven Commander Deck - Prismari Performance

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Prismari PerformanceCOMMANDERZaffai, Thunder ConductorPlaneswalker [1][1] Jaya BallardCreature [11][1] Diluvian Primordial[1] Naru Meha, Master Wizard[1] Talrand, Sky Summoner[1] Charmbreaker Devils[1] Dualcaster Mage[1] Erratic Cyclops[1] Etali, Primal Storm[1] Wildfire Devils[1] Living Lore[1] Humble Defector[1] Crackling DrakeSorcery [11][1] Aether Gale[1] Apex of Power[1] Blasphemous Act[1] Volcanic Vision[1] Call the Skybreaker[1] Epic Experiment[1] Ponder[1] Serum Visions[1] Treasure Cruise[1] Faithless Looting[1] Mana GeyserInstant [5][1] Dig Through Time[1] Brainstorm[1] Traumatic Visions[1] Fiery Fall[1] Seething SongArtifact [6][1] Arcane Signet[1] Hedron Archive[1] Izzet Signet[1] Mind Stone[1] Sol Ring[1] Talisman of CreativityEnchantment [2][1] Metallurgic Summonings[1] Swarm IntelligenceLand [35][1] Exotic Orchard[1] Scavenger Grounds[1] Shivan Reef[1] Temple of Epiphany[1] Blighted Cataract[1] Command Tower[1] Desert of the Fervent[1] Desert of the Mindful[1] Forgotten Cave[1] Izzet Boilerworks[1] Lonely Sandbar[1] Mage-Ring Network[1] Memorial to Genius[1] Myriad Landscape[1] Reliquary Tower[1] Temple of the False God[10] Island[9] MountainOther [28][1] Veyran, Voice of Duality[1] Dazzling Sphinx[1] Inspiring Refrain[1] Muse Vortex[1] Octavia, Living Thesis[1] Sly Instigator[1] Creative Technique[1] Fiery Encore[1] Inferno Project[1] Radiant Performer[1] Rionya, Fire Dancer[1] Rousing Refrain[1] Surge to Victory[1] Reinterpret[1] Elementalist's Palette[1] Aetherspouts[1] Mind's Desire[1] Brass's Bounty[1] Sunbird's Invocation[1] Pyromancer's Goggles[1] Resculpt[1] Storm-Kiln Artist[1] Elemental Masterpiece[1] Expressive Iteration[1] Rootha, Mercurial Artist[1] Letter of Acceptance[1] Prismari Campus[1] Study Hall

Product Highlights

99 card deck
1 foil commander card