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2020 Panini Plates and Patches Football Hobby Box

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Each Box contains One Autograph or Patch Autograph, One Memorabilia Card, One Parallel #'d to 60 or less, One Base, and One Printing Plate! Featuring Rookie Cards of Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert! Find 1 Printing Plate, 1 Autograph or Patch Autograph, 1 Memorabilia, 1 Parallel (#'d /60 or less), and 1 Base card per box on average! Look for Rookie Patch Autographs from all the top rookies in the NFL, including Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Jonathan Taylor! Hunt for on-card autographs in Marquee Marks, Leaps and Bounds, Rookie Upper Echelon, Highly Revered and Mystic Marks! Search for oversized patch cards in Full Coverage and Double Coverage, also find multi-swatch memorabilia cards in Rookie Reflections, Patch Trios and Supreme Swatches. PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: BASE: Look for all the best talent the NFL has to offer with a 100-card base set, which is #'d to 99! Parallels: - Orange #'d/75 - Blue #'d/60 - Purple #'d/35 - Green #'d/25 - Red #'d/10 - Gold One-of-One ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPH GREEN: Look for oversized patches in Rookie Patch Autographs, which include all of the top rookies the NFL has to offer! Parallels: - Rookie Patch Autographs #'d/99 - Rookie Patch Autographs Blue #'d/50 - Rookie Patch Autographs Purple #'d/25 - Rookie Patch Autographs Green #'d/10 - Rookie Patch Autographs Gold One-of-One ROOKIE REFLECTIONS PURPLE: Hunt for these Dual Memorabilia cards, featuring the top rookies of the 2020 NFL Draft. Also look for the Rare Autograph parallels! Parallels: - Rookie Reflections Max #'d/99 - Rookie Reflections Blue Max #'d/50 - Rookie Reflections Signatures Purple Max #'d/35 - Rookie Reflections Signatures Green Max #'d/15 - Rookie Reflections Signatures Gold One-of-One MARQUEE MARKS RED: Hunt for on-card autographs in Marquee Marks, which highlights some of the most talented players in NFL history Parallels: - Marquee Marks Max #'d/99 - Marquee Marks Orange Max #'d/75 - Marquee Marks Blue Max #'d/50 - Marquee Marks Purple Max #'d/30 - Marquee Marks Green Max #'d/20 - Marquee Marks Red Max #'d/10 - Marquee Marks Gold One-of-One LEAPS AND BOUNDS BLUE: Chase high-flying action photographs paired with on-card autographs in Leaps and Bounds, which features some of the most athletic and explosive players in the NFL! - Leaps and Bounds Max #'d/99 - Leaps and Bounds Orange Max #'d/75 - Leaps and Bounds Blue Max #'d/50 - Leaps and Bounds Purple Max #'d/ 30 - Leaps and Bounds Green Max #'d/20 - Leaps and Bounds Red Max #'d/10 - Leaps and Bounds Gold One-of-One HIGHLY REVERED PURPLE: New to Plates & Patches in 2020, Highly Revered features on-card autographs of some of the best players, past or present, in the NFL. Parallels: - Highly Revered Max #'d/99 - Highly Revered Orange Max #'d/75 - Highly Revered Blue Max #'d/50 - Highly Revered Purple Max #'d/30 - Highly Revered Green Max #'d/20 - Highly Revered Red Max #'d/10 - Highly Revered Gold One-of-One ROOKIE UPPER ECHELON GOLD: Get your hands on this On-Card Autograph set, featuring the best rookies from the 2020 draft class! Parallels: - Rookie Upper Echelon Max #'d/99 - Rookie Upper Echelon Orange Max #'d/75 - Rookie Upper Echelon Blue Max #'d/50 - Rookie Upper Echelon Purple Max #'d/30 - Rookie Upper Echelon Green Max #'d/20 - Rookie Upper Echelon Red Max #'d/10 - Rookie Upper Echelon Gold One-of-One PATCH TRIOS: Hunt for Patch Trio memorabilia cards, which include 3 different prime pieces of memorabilia from this year's amazing rookie class!. - Patch Trios Max #'d/99 - Patch Trios Orange Max #'d/75 - Patch Trios Blue Max #'d/50 - Patch Trios Purple Max #'d25 - Patch Trios Red Max #'d/10 - Patch Trios Gold One-of-One FULL COVERAGE GOLD: Collect this unique rookie memorabilia set, featuring full-card swatches and full-body silhouettes of the top rookies in the game. - Full Coverage Max #'d/99 - Full Coverage Orange Max #'d/75 - Full Coverage Blue Max #'d/25 - Full Coverage Purple Max #'d/10 - Full Coverage Red Max #'d/5 - Full Coverage Gold One-of-One 1 Pack Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack Product Highlights - One Autograph or Patch Autograph Per Box! - One Memorabilia Card Per Box! - One Parallel #'d to 60 or less Per Box! - One Printing Plate Per Box! - Collect Rookie Patch Autographs! Key Rookies - Joe Burrow - Tua Tagovailoa - Justin Herbert - Jerry Jeudy - CeeDee Lamb - Clyde Edwards-Helaire - Jonathan Taylor - Chase Young - Tee Higgins - Jordan Love - J.K. Dobbins - Laviska Shenault Jr. - Justin Jefferson - Jalen Hurts