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2022 Panini Elements Football Hobby Box

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Each Box contains One Base or Rookie Metal, One Base or Rookie Metal Parallel, One On-Card Metal Autograph, One Other Auto, and One Memorabilia! One of the most unique products of the year, Elements football combines solid metal cards, patch autographs and on-card autographs to create one of the most sought-after products! Look for one on-card metal autograph per box! Chase on-card autographs from all the top 2022 NFL prospects including Kenny Pickett, Aidan Hutchinson, Garrett Wilson and many more! Find 1 memorabilia card per box on average. Memorabilia cards such as Supercharged, Electric, Team Chemistry and new to 2022 Critical Mass Memorabilia and Fusion Swatches. Hunt for on-card autographs from veterans and retired NFL stars in Mettle Moments, Heavy Metal and Steel Signatures. New in 2022, chase 4 brand new SSP case hits, Earth, Wind, Fire and Water along with the fan favorite Nuclear. PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: BASE METAL: Collect all the biggest names in the NFL, past and present. Printed on stunning metal cards, this unique technology can only be found in Elements. Base Metal Base Metal Americium #'d/95 Base Metal Tungsten #'d/74 Base Metal Xenon #'d/54 Base Metal Cobalt #'d/27 Base Metal Neon #'d/10 Base Metal Lithium #'d/3 Base Metal Hydrogen One-of-One NUCLEAR: Chase the explosive SSP case hit Nuclear, featuring the best players in the NFL! Also look for Earth, Wind, Fire and Water SSP case hits. ROOKIES METAL: Find all the top rookies from the 2022 NFL Draft on unique metal cards. Rookies Metal #'d/99 Rookies Metal Americium #'d/95 Rookies Metal Tungsten #'d/74 Rookies Metal Xenon #'d/54 Rookies Metal Cobalt #'d/27 Rookies Metal Neon #'d/10 Rookies Metal Lithium #'d/3 Rookies Metal Hydrogen One-of-One RPS ROOKIE STEEL SIGNATURES: Hunt for on-card Autographs of all the top rookies from the 2022 NFL Draft RPS Rookie Steel Signatures Max #'d/199 RPS Rookie Steel Signatures Gold Max #'d/79 RPS Rookie Steel Signatures Cobalt #'d/27 RPS Rookie Steel Signatures Neon #'d/10 RPS Rookie Steel Signatures Carbon #'d/6 RPS Rookie Steel Signatures Hydrogen One-ofOne HEAVY METAL: Chase some of the greatest defensive players in NFL history with Heavy Metal, an oncard autographed insert printed on metal! ROOKIE NEON MATERIAL SIGNS: Look for these trapped acetate autographs featuring the hottest new rookies. Hunt the material parallels featuring Jersey material, prime material and Laundry Tags. Rookie Neon Signs Orange Max #'d/125 Rookie Neon Signs Blue Max #'d/75 Rookie Neon Signs Red Max #'d/50 Rookie Neon Signs Purple Max #'d/25 Rookie Neon Signs Yellow One-of-One Rookie Neon Material Signs Standard Max #'d/99 Rookie Neon Material Signs Prime Max #'d/25 Rookie Neon Material Signs Laundry Tag #'d/5 Rookie Neon Material Signs Brand Logo #'d/2 Rookie Neon Material Signs Shield One-of-One NEON SIGNS: Back with a new look, Neon Signs give collectors a chance to get autographs of their favorite veteran player. look out for Future Signs, as well, featuring all the new rookies of the 2022 season. Neon Signs Max #'d/125 Neon Signs Purple Max #'d/50 Neon Signs Blue Max #'d/25 Neon Signs Green Max #'d/10 Neon Signs Pink One-of-One PROTON PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Chase limited Rookie Patch autographs in Proton Patch Autographs! Proton Patch Autographs Max #'d/75 Proton Patch Autographs Xenon Max #'d/25 Proton Patch Autographs Cobalt Max #'d/10 Proton Patch Autographs Neon Max #'d/5 Proton Patch Autographs Hydrogen One-of-One SOLAR SIGNATURES: Brand new in '22, Solar Signatures will feature some of the most celestial talents the NFL has to offer, these beautifully designed cards are sure to be a hit for collectors. Solar Signatures Max #'d/99 Solar Signatures Xenon Max #'d/54 Solar Signatures Cobalt Max #'d/27 Solar Signatures Neon Max #'d/10 Solar Signatures Hydrogen One-of-One 1 Pack Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack Product Highlights - One Base or Rookie Metal Per Box! - One Base or Rookie Metal Parallel Per Box! - One On-Card Metal Autograph Per Box! - One Other Auto Per Box! - One Memorabilia Card Per Box! Key Rookies - Kenny Pickett - Matt Corral - Malik Willis - Sam Howell - Jameson Williams - Garrett Wilson - Drake London - Chris Olave