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2022 Panini National Treasures Road to FIFA World Cup Soccer Hobby Box

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Each Box Contains Eight Autographs or Memorabilia Cards, One Base Card/Base Parallel, and One Additional Base/Parallel/Auto/Mem/Booklet! National Treasures returns to soccer on the Road to the 2022 FIFA World Cup! This worldwide program features 27 national teams from across the globe. Collect fan-favorite teams like Brazil, Germany, France, and more. Find a 200-card base set, including two subsets: Treasured Moments and Treasured Rookies. Look for all the top stars, special highlights, and hot prospects. Each card in the collection is numbered to 99 or less. Look for these parallels: Sapphire (#'d/25), Gold (#'d/10), Emerald (#'d/5), and Platinum (#'d/1). National Treasures is chock full of autographs and memorabilia. Hunt for the rare triple booklets and multi-autograph cards, one-of-ones like Brand Logo Autographs, and more. There are eight memorabilia inserts, eight autograph-plus-memorabilia inserts, and nine autograph inserts to collect. Printing plates return to soccer in National Treasures! One box per case will have an 11th card: a printing plate! Collect all four: Printing Plate Cyan (#'d/1), Printing Plate Magenta (#'d/1), Printing Plate Yellow (#'d/1), and Printing Plate Black (#'d/1). PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: BASE SET: The base set is the foundation of the collection. Comprised of 200 cards, there are also two subsets to collect. Each base card is numbered to 99. There are also many parallels to collect, including the elusive Platinum (#'d/1). Base Set: - Base (#'d/99) - Sapphire (#'d/25) - Gold (#'d/10) - Emerald (#'d/5) - Platinum (#'d/1) - Printing Plate Cyan (#'d/1) - Printing Plate Magenta (#'d/1) - Printing Plate Yellow (#'d/1) - Printing Plate Black (#'d/1) BASE SET SUBSETS: The two subsets of the base set are Treasured Moments and Treasured Rookies. Treasured Moments highlights some of the most memorable and significant moments from international soccer. AUTOGRAPHS: 2022 National Treasures FIFA Road to World Cup features a plethora of autographs! Collect different inserts -- such as Penmanship and Timeless Talents Signatures -- featuring signatures from some of the top footballers past and present. Timeless Talents Signatures: - Base (Max #'d/99) - Sapphire (Max #'d/49) - Ruby (Max #'d/25) - Gold (Max #'d/10) - Platinum (#'d/1) - Printing Plate Cyan (#'d/1) - Printing Plate Magenta (#'d/1) - Printing Plate Yellow (#'d/1) - Printing Plate Black (#'d/1) MEMORABILIA: Look for cards with pieces of authentic memorabilia. There are many memorabilia inserts in National Treasures, including Franchise Treasures. From Jumbo Swatches to Laundry Tags and everything in between. AUTOGRAPH/MEMORABILIA ONE-OF-ONES: There are three autograph/memorabilia one-ofone inserts: Brand Logo Autographs, Treasured Tags Autographs, and Treasured Tags. MULTI-PLAYER AUTOGRAPH/MEMORABILIA INSERTS: Find three different multi-player autograph/memorabilia inserts: Autographs Dual, Triple Autograph Booklets, and Jumbo Triple Material Booklets. Don't miss these short-printed cards featuring sets of teammates and countrymen. 1 Pack Per Box, 10 Cards Per Pack Product Highlights - Eight autographs or memorabilia cards per box! - One base card/base parallel per box! - One additional base/parallel/auto/mem/booklet!