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2020 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Hobby Box

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Each Box of Allen & Ginter contains Three Hits, including On-Card Autographs, Relics, Original A&G Buybacks, Book Cards, Cut Signatures, and Rip Cards! Look for Rookie Cards of Luis Robert, Bo Bichette and Yoran Alvarez! The dog days of Summer mark the return of this collector favorite. Showcasing the world's greatest champions, Baseball players, and pop culture icons, 2020 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball has something for every fan to collect. Look for Allen & Ginter HOT BOXES featuring Silver Portrait Parallels! One BOXLOADER Per Box! Find One Base Card Mini PER PACK! PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: BASE CARDS: Base Cards: 300 of the most iconic names from Baseball and pop culture. Will include rookies, current stars, and retired greats, alongside notable names from other sports and the world of entertainment. - Silver Portrait Parallel - GINTER HOT BOX ONLY - Glossy Parallel - Numbered 1 of 1 Base Card Short Prints: 50 select subjects not found in the base set. - Glossy Parallel - Numbered 1 of 1 Base Card Mini: 1 per pack - Allen & Ginter Parallel - 1:5 packs - Black Bordered - 1:10 packs - No Number - Limited to 50 - Brooklyn Back - Numbered to 25 - Wood - Numbered 1 of 1 HOBBY ONLY - Glossy - Numbered 1 of 1 Short Printed Base Card Mini: 1:13 packs - Allen & Ginter Parallel - 1:65 packs - Black Bordered - 1:130 packs - No Number - Limited to 50 - Brooklyn Back - Numbered to 25 - Wood - Numbered 1 of 1 HOBBY ONLY - Glossy - Numbered 1 of 1 Mini Metal Cards: 150 subjects. Limited to 3. Mini Stained Glass Variations: 150 subjects. Limited to 25. Framed Mini Printing Plates: 4 printing plates from each of the 350 base cards. All numbered 1 of 1. Framed Mini Cloth Cards: 150 subjects. Numbered to 10. HOBBY ONLY RELIC CARDS: Allen & Ginter Full-Size Relics: Featuring MLB players, world champion athletes, and personalities. Allen & Ginter Mini Relics: Celebrating the most collectible Baseball stars, including rookies, veterans, and legends. NEW! Allen & Ginter Pin Relics: Iconic pins from historic elections and events. Sequentially numbered to 25 or less. HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Allen & Ginter DNA Relics: Featuring ancient fossils. HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Allen & Ginter "Have Ball, Will Travel" Token Relics: Pairing current and retired stars with mass transit tokens from their team city. Sequentially numbered to 5. HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Cut Signatures: Twenty unique signatures from historical and pop culture figures. All numbered 1 of 1. Allen & Ginter Framed Originals: 100 original Allen & Ginter buyback cards. All numbered 1 of 1. HOBBY EXCLUSIVE AUTOGRAPH CARDS: Allen & Ginter Framed Mini Autographs: Featuring on-card autographs of the hottest rookies, veteran stars, and retired greats in Baseball, as well as world champion athletes and pop culture personalities. - Black Framed Parallel - Numbered to 25 - Red Ink Parallel - Limited. HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Allen & Ginter Autographed Relic Book Cards: Showcasing jumbo relic pieces and player autographs on a dual-paneled book card. Sequentially numbered to 10. Allen & Ginter Dual Autographed Relic Book Cards: Cards will feature two autographs and two relic pieces. Sequentially numbered to 10. RIP CARDS: 2 PER HOBBY CASE Allen & Ginter Rip Cards: 100 subjects. Cards will contain a mini card inside. Sequentially numbered. Allen & Ginter Dual Rip Cards: Up to 50 pairings. Cards will contain two mini cards within. Sequentially numbered HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Allen & Ginter Boxloader Rip Cards: Oversized rip cards containing 3 mini cards. HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Rip Cards can contain: Artist Originals - Unique Baseball artwork. Numbered 1 of 1 Mini Exclusives - Mini base cards numbered 351-400 Mini Metal Exclusives - Numbered to 3 Mini Wood Exclusives - Numbered 1 of 1 Mini Stained Glass Variation Exclusives - 1 per Boxloader Rip Card FULL SIZE INSERT CARDS: NEW! A Debut to Remember: 30 notable first games are celebrated. NEW! Longball Lore: Highlighting home run hitters and epic dingers. NEW! Field Generals: Showcasing 20 legendary names to take the field wearing catcher's equipment. NEW! Down on the Farm: Not talkin' 'bout the Minor Leagues here. These cards will feature animals, equipment, and tools used on orchards, pastures, granges, and the like. NEW! Digging Deep: Treasure seekers will shout eureka when they unearth these cards of precious minerals, stones, and metals. Relic Variation - Partial parallel featuring actual pieces of the featured item. Limited to 10 or less. NEW! Reach for the Sky: This panoramic insert, when completed, will showcase some of the most awe-inspiring skyscrapers. MINI SIZE INSERTS: NEW! Where Monsters Live: Spooky spots to avoid in the dark. NEW! Citadels and Safeholds: Castles, fortresses, and other iconic structures from a bygone era. NEW! Buggin' Out!: The coolest and creepiest insects and arachnids get their own collectible card set. NEW! Booming Cities: Featuring some of the fastest growing cities in the world. NEW! Safari Sights: Animals, topography, and cultures unique to Africa are celebrated. BOXLOADERS: 1 per Hobby Box Allen & Ginter Boxloaders: The most collectible stars and rookies of MLB. Allen & Ginter Boxloader Autographs: Featuring on-card autographs. Numbered to 15 or less. NEW! Safari Sights Boxloader: Limited to 500. Allen & Ginter N43 Boxloader: The classic card design featuring modern-day stars. Allen & Ginter N43 Boxloader Autographs: Featuring on-card autographs. Numbered to 15 or less. Allen & Ginter Boxloader Rip Cards: 3 Mystery Cards Only Found by pulling open two separate tabs. Look for exclusive stained glass mini exclusive parallels! 24 Packs Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack Product Highlights - Three Hits Per Box! - One BOXLOADER Per Box! - Find One Base Card Mini PER PACK! - Look for A&G Autographed Relic Book Cards! Key Rookies - Luis Robert - Kyle Lewis - Bo Bichette - Gavin Lux - Yordan Alvarez - Nico Hoerner - Aristides Aquino - Brendan McKay - Isan Diaz - Jesus Luzardo