2021 Topps WWE Finest Wrestling Hobby Box

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Each Box contains Two Autographs!Topps is again extending its popular Finest line to WWE after a successful first year! Topps WWE Finest will feature autographs from the most popular WWE Superstars. Topps WWE Finest will also contain fun, collectible inserts!PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: BASE CARDS:ROSTER CARDS:Featuring Superstars from both the Men's & Women's Divisions of WWE & NXT. Look out for Rookie cards!Parallels Include:- Refractor Parallel: 1:3 packs - Blue Refractor Parallel: numbered to 150 - Green Refractor Parallel: numbered to 99 - Rose Gold Refractor Parallel: numbered to 75 - Gold Refractor Parallel: numbered to 50 - Orange Refractor Parallel: numbered to 25 - Black Refractor Parallel: numbered to 10 - Red Refractor Parallel: numbered to 5 - SuperFractor Parallel: numbered 1/1INSERTS: UNCROWNED GREATNESS: Spotlighting deserving Superstars or Legends who never held the WWE ChampionshipLEGACIES: Featuring current Superstars + their legendary inspirations with whom they share similar characteristics or career paths withDEADMAN'S TOMBSTONE TRIBUTE: Highlighting 10 of the greatest moments from the legendary career of Undertaker. Each card die-cut will be shaped in Undertaker's signature tombstone.SOLE SURVIVORS: Spotlighting some of the most memorable sole survivors from historical Survivor Series teams!RUMBLE POPS: Remembering some of the greatest crowd pops or reactions for a Superstar entering the exciting Royal Rumble match Collect autograph versions of the inserts! (Excluding DEADMAN'S TOMBSTONE TRIBUTE) Insert Parallels Include:- Black Refractor: numbered to 25. - Red Refractor: numbered to 5. - SuperFractor: numbered 1/1AUTOGRAPHS: Featuring autographs from both the Men's & Women's Divisions of WWE & NXT.2 Autographs per box guaranteed!Superstar Autographs Parallels Include:- Green Refractor: numbered to 99 - Orange Refractor: numbered to 50 - Black Refractor: numbered to 25 - Gold Refractor: numbered to 10 - Red Refractor: numbered to 5 - SuperFractor: numbered 1/1 Look out for rare Triple Autographs!2 Mini-Boxes Per Box, 6 Packs Per Mini-Box, 6 Cards Per Pack

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Two Autographs Per Box!
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Look out for rare Triple Autographs!