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Yu-Gi-Oh Maze of Millenia Booster Box

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Description: Maze of Millennia rings the New Year with new long-thought-lost cards seen in the TV series and some of today's hottest tournament-level cards, coming in January 2024! From the mesmerizing power of Pegasus' Eye of Illusion to the unseen evil of Clorless, Chaos King of Dark World, you'll have your hands full with dozens of new cards that first appeared in or were inspired by the many worlds of Yu-Gi-Oh! Take a look at just some of the spoils that await you within this maze! You'll need a light source to get through the maze, so start with brand-new card, Bonfire! This long-awaited Spell Card adds any Level 4 or lower Pyro-Type Monster from your Deck to your hand. It's a must for Duelists interested in the upcoming new theme from Phantom Nightmare or any Duelist lighting up their "Volcanic" cards from Legendary Duelists: Soulburning Volcano or other fiery Decks! Get a 2-for-1 from your Extra Deck with Harmonic Synchro Fusion! This Spell lets you Tribute 2 monsters to Special Summon both a Fusion Monster they could form AND a Synchro Monster they could form - you get both! Are you using Garura, Wings of Resonant Life from the 25th Anniversary Tin: Dueling Heroes? Now you can Summon Garura and get a free Synchro Monster to clear the way for Garura to attack directly and do double damage! Infect your opponent's Extra Deck wth the dark power of Number 1: Infection Buzz! This Rank 8 Xyz Monster lets you peer into your opponent's Extra Deck and eliminate a dangerous card before it can even be played. This Fiend is also easy to Summon with the many Level 8 "Horus" Monster from Age of Overlord! Add in another effect that can destroy any card you opponent controls, and inflict damage if you targeted monster, and the Fiend uprising in the Dueling World show no sign of stopping! Sometimes the best things in life aren't free. Transaction Rollback is going to cost you half your Life Points, but will duplicate any Normal Trap from your opponent's GY, then you get a second charge by banishing it from your Graveyard to copy a Normal Trap Card in your own GY. If you just built your "Labrynth" Deck with the cards from 25th Anniversary Tin: Dueling Heroes you'll want to make sure to pick up this endlessly useful Trap Card to go with it! Even more surprises await you within the Maze of Millennia! Set Info: - [11] Ultra Rares - [16] Super Rares - [57] Rares 1 Quarter-Century Secret Rare (16 cards also available as Collector's Rares) Configuration: 24 Packs per Box, 7 Cards per Pack Product Highlights - 24 Packs per Box, 7 Cards per Pack - 11 Ultra Rares - 16 Super Rares - 57 Rares