2021 Panini One Football Hobby Box

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Each Box contains One Encased Autograph Card!Featuring Rookie Cards of Mac Jones, Ja'Marr Chase, Jaylen Waddle, Kyle Pitts, DeVonta Smith, Trevor Lawrence, and Trey Lance!Continuing the success from previous years, One will bring you one on-card auto per box!All the autographs in One will be on-card autos from the top NFL rookies, legends and current stars!All patch cards will feature prime and super prime memorabillia, including our 1-of-1 Shield Signatures featuring the classic NFL shield.Be sure to chase our opti-chrome inserts, which include Once Upon a Time Signatures, Precision Rookie Patch Autos & Formula One Autographs!PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Featuring a custom embossed card stock, on-card autograph and oversized patches, these rookie patch autographs will be a prize for all collectors!Rookie Patch Autographs - Max #'d/199.Rookie Patch Autographs Blue - Max #'d/ 99.Rookie Patch Autographs Bronze - Max #'d/ 49.Rookie Patch Autographs Red -Max #'d/ 25.Rookie Patch Autographs Gold -Max #'d/ 10.Rookie Patch Autographs Platinum - Max #'d/ 5.Rookie Patch Autographs Black - One-of-OneSQUARE ONE AUTOGRAPHS: Featuring the top rookies of 2021, Square One Autographs is a truly unique RPA featuring 4 prime or super prime patches.Square One Autographs - Max #'d/ 99.Square One Autographs Blue - Max #'d/ 49.Square One Autographs Bronze - Max #'d/ 25.Square One Autographs Red - Max #'d/ 15.Square One Autographs Gold - Max #'d/ 10.Square One Autographs Platinum - Max #'d/ 5.Square One Autographs Black - One-of-OnePREMIUM ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPH: Premium Rookie Patch Autographs features the top NFL rookies on a beautiful acetate stock, adding an extra appeal for all collectors.Premium Rookie Patch Autograph - Max #'d/99.Premium Rookie Patch Autograph Blue - Max #'d/49.Premium Rookie Patch Autograph Bronze - Max #'d/25.Premium Rookie Patch Autograph Red - Max #'d/15.Premium Rookie Patch Autograph Gold - Max #'d/10.Premium Rookie Patch Autograph Platinum - Max #'d/5.Premium Rookie Patch Autograph Black - Oneof-OneFORMULA ONE AUTOGRAPHS: Designed with signatures framed perfectly between two patches, Formula One Autographs feature signatures from stars such as: Dan Marino, Charles Woodson, Randy Moss, Derrick Henry, Calvin Ridley And More!Formula One Autographs - max #'d/50Formula One Autographs Blue - max #'d/35Formula One Autographs Bronze - Max #'d/25Formula One Autographs Red - Max #'d/15Formula One Autographs Gold - Max #'d/10Formula One Autographs Platinum - Max #'d/5Formula One Autographs Black - One-of-OneONE MAN SHOW: This shadowbox autographed set includes top veteran and legendary players like: Randy Moss, Patrick Mahomes II, LaDainian Tomlinson, DeAndre Hopkins and More!One Man Show - Max #'d/49One Man Show Blue - Max #'d/35One Man Show Bronze - Max #'d/25One Man Show Red - Max #'d/15One Man Show Gold - Max #'d/10One Man Show Platinum - Max #'d/5One Man Show Black - One-of-OneONE UP AUTOGRAPHS: This set's can't-miss, colorful design features autographs from stars across the NFL's past and present including ones from Troy Polamalu, Steve Young, Aaron Jones, Stefon Diggs and More!ONCE UPON A TIME SIGNATURE: Designed to look like a vintage storybook, this optichrome set features signatures from the legends of football's yesteryears such as Jerry Rice, Troy Aikman, Bo Jackson, Eric Dickerson and more!Once Upon a Time Signature - Max #'d/99Once Upon a Time Signatures Blue - Max #'d/75Once Upon a Time Signatures Bronze - Max #'d/49Once Upon a Time Signatures Red - Max #'d/25Once Upon a Time Signatures Gold - Max #'d/15Once Upon a Time Signatures Platinum - Max #'d/5Once Upon a Time Signatures Gold Vinyl One-ofOneSHIELD SIGNATURES: Hunt for the Rare Shield Signatures in Panini One, featuring the best rookies and vets in the NFLPRECISION ROOKIE PATCH AUTOS: Collect this on-card patch autograph set highlighted by the top rookies of 2021, all while being presented on opti-chrome!Precision Rookie Patch Auto Max #'d/99Precision Rookie Patch Auto Blue Max #'d/75Precision Rookie Patch Auto Bronze Max #'d/49Precision Rookie Patch Auto Red Max #'d/25Precision Rookie Patch Auto Gold Max #'d/15Precision Rookie Patch Auto Platinum Max #'d/5Precision Rookie Patch Auto Gold Vinyl One-ofOne1 Pack Per Box, 1 Card Per Pack

Product Highlights

One Encased Autograph Card Per Box!
Collect Rookie Patch Autographs!
Find Premium Rookie Patch Autographs!
Look for Shield Signatures!
All Autographs are On-Card!

Key Rookies

Mac Jones
Ja'Marr Chase
Trevor Lawrence
Trey Lance
Kyle Pitts
Zach Wilson
Justin Fields
Jaylen Waddle
Devonta Smith
Kadarious Toney
Najee Harris
Travis Etienne
Javonte Williams